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Growth platform for Black, Asian and ethnically diverse professionals launches enterprise-focused website after surge in demand

A new website launches today to showcase Career Masterclass’ offerings, as a strategic partner for businesses wanting to bolster D&I policies

by wrich

Career Masterclass, the leading online career growth platform for Black and ethnically diverse professionals, has launched a new website to showcase its suite of enterprise solutions. This is in response to the growing interest from businesses who seek to improve their attraction and retention strategies for diverse talent. 

While the previous website was more tailored toward individuals looking for advice, knowledge resources and mentoring, the new website showcases Career Masterclasses’ offerings for businesses and enterprises seeking high impact, award-winning interventions and programmes to help attract, develop and retain diverse talent within their organisations. The offerings include talent accelerator programmes, specialist recruitment for mid and senior levels, content licensing, and more. 

Career Masterclass’ talent accelerator programmes are a key highlight in this suite of solutions, as they have a proven track record of supporting organisations who have goals of charting clear paths to progression for their ethnically diverse staff, inspiring diverse talent engagement, and fast-tracking high performing diverse talent into leadership. One of such programmes won an award at the European Diversity Awards in 2021.  

Founder and CEO of the career development platform, Bukola Adisa comments: “We have been on a mission to leverage technology to democratise career growth and progression for Black and ethnically diverse professionals since 2015, and now, we are opening up to support forward-thinking businesses with the insights and strategies they need to build diverse and inclusive workplaces.  

The launch of our enterprise-focused website is our response to the uptick in interest from organisations looking to drive change around the lack of diversity within their firms, particularly at the mid and senior levels.  

Our interventions are designed to support businesses to attract and retain the best talent from diverse backgrounds, and to ensure their needs are seen and advocated for, as they seek to progress within a company. 

The needle is moving on Diversity and Inclusion policies but more needs to be done, and we hope this will drive the positive systemic change that is needed to ensure no Black or ethnically diverse professional is left behind.” 

To explore Career Masterclass’ suite of solutions and book a demo, visit careermasterclass.com.

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