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New study reveals 3 in 10 employees are worried about office cleanliness levels

by wrich

Almost 3 in 10 (29%) employees are worried about the current cleanliness levels of their office spaces and have raised this with their company, according to new research from Topps Tiles

Hygiene and cleanliness standards have taken prominence in our daily lives as we battle the COVID-19 pandemic and as we return to the office, this is a top concern for the UK workforce. For 39% of employees, cleanliness levels were good – meaning that hygiene measures are a priority for most companies, but there is still room for improvement. 

A majority of employees said guidance on cleaning and any new health and safety measures in the office has been good (45%), however, for 31% of employees there had been little or no guidance on new policies. 

Understandably, an unclean working environment can make employees feel anxious (42%), stressed (40%), and disgusted (40%). Interestingly, companies could see a decline in productivity should standards slip, with 26% declaring that an unclean workspace makes them feel unproductive. 

How does an unclean working environment make employees feel?

  • Anxious – 42%
  • Stressed – 40%
  • Disgusted – 40%
  • Unproductive – 26%
  • Angry – 22%

The findings are from a new report that looks into the habits of cleanliness following COVID-19, revealing that even our daily commute may have changed forever. Almost half of us (47%) avoid touching any surfaces on public transport, 29% would wait for a less crowded bus or train, and 24% simply won’t use public transport following the pandemic. 

There could be a large impact on flying for business too, with the research revealing that 40% of people would take their own cleaning products onboard, 27% would only consume the food and drink they take onboard, and 27% will avoid getting up during the flight so often. 

Overnight stays in the UK might also be a tricky one for business owners to navigate, as the research shows that 42% of Brits are avoiding overnight stays due to hygiene concerns around COVID-19.

Harriet Goodacre, Brand Communications Manager at Topps Tiles said: 

“The return to the office is a welcomed change for many employees who have been working from home over the course of the pandemic. What’s clear is that hygiene and cleanliness expectations are higher than ever, and although some companies are making this a priority, others still need to address this as a top concern. 

“The anxiety surrounding the return to the office can be tackled by companies offering better training and advice on cleaning policies and being clear on what their COVID-19 guidelines are. 

It’s also about looking at what measures they do have in place and in which areas. Our antibacterial range of tiles offer an extra layer of protection when it comes to maintaining a hygienic environment. Interestingly, the bathroom was one of the top areas of concern for the UK public and we wanted to find out what other hygiene factors business owners might need to work on.”

To find out more about Britain’s relationship with cleanliness, visit https://www.toppstiles.co.uk/blog/news/britains-relationship-with-cleanliness 

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