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Revealed: the highest-paying jobs in the video game industry in the UK

by wrich

A new study revealed that Game Developers, Marketing Managers and QA Testers are the professions in the video games industry earning the highest salaries.  

The study, conducted by online gaming platform Solitaired, analysed Indeed UK data for the different video games roles and ranked them according to the average annual salary for each role in the UK. 


According to results, the 14 highest-paid video games jobs in the UK are: 


Ranking  Job   Salary (£) 
Game Developer  43,469 
Marketing Manager  38,278 
QA tester  35,919 
3D Artist  35,828 
Game Producer  33,796 
2D Animator  33,438 
Game designer   31,584 
Writer  31,356 
3D Animator  30,721 
10  Audio engineer  29,885 
11  Market Researcher  28,685 
12  Translator  28,446 
13  Sales Representatives  26,559 
14  IT technical support officer  23,537 

 According to the results of the study, Game Developers are the highest-paid job in the UK, with an average yearly salary of £43,469.  

Game Developers’ main task is to take video games designers’ ideas and concepts and write the code for the game to suit an array of different formats, such as consoles, PCs and mobiles.  

The top five cities in the UK to be a Game Developer, and their respective average annual salaries, are:  

Rank  City  Annual salary (£) 
London  59,940 
2  Birmingham  46,897 
Manchester  46,159 
Leeds  44,524 
Glasgow  39,948 

 The findings show that Marketing Managers are the second most profitable profession in the video game sector in the UK, earning an average annual salary of £38,278.   

Taking care of the promotional aspects of the game, Marketing Managers are developing and implementing marketing strategies to meet consumer need — and maximize the companies’ financial profits.  

The top five cities in the UK to be a Marketing Manager are:  

Rank  City  Annual Salary (£) 
London  43,178 
2  Medway  40,000 
Nottingham  39,125 
Manchester  37,745 
Portsmouth  36,823 

 With an average yearly salary of £35,919, Video Games QA Testers are the third best paid video game job in the UK. QA Testers set up plans to test video games software, finding and fixing bugs and generally improving the service.   

According to the findings, the top five cities that offer the highest salaries to QA Testers are: 

Rank  City   Annual Salary (£) 
1  Cambridge  46,976 
London  42,030 
Manchester  34,241 
Bristol  34,107 
Cardiff  34,040 


Earning an average of £35,828 a year, 3D artists come fourth in the ranking, and are responsible for creating three-dimensional animations and visual effects. Being one of the most common roles nowadays in films and games production, 3D artists are the fourth most paid job in the UK. 

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