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SaaS Labs launches hotly anticipated Dialworks to help sales teams get battle-tested

by jcp

Dialworks helps you ramp 3X faster by mimicking real world sales conditions during ramp & training. 

Palo Alto, California – June 1, 2022; Training sales teams is arguably the most important part of any business strategy, yet it remains a time intensive and expensive exercise for teams in all companies. According to HBR, US companies spend over $70 billion annually on training, and an average of $1,459 per salesperson, only to generate disappointing ROI. Meanwhile, Gartner research suggests that sales reps forget 70% of the information they learn within a week of training, and 87% will forget it within a month. Today, SaaS Labs has launched the highly anticipated Dialworks, a sales acceleration platform to help teams get sales-ready faster. Through calls on Dialworks platform, leaders can test their reps’ sales readiness in real world scenarios.

SaaS Labs, makes solutions fit for the sales and customer support community in businesses around the world. Having powered tens of millions of phone calls for sales and support teams with their category leading cloud phone platform JustCall, sales training was the next big challenge on the horizon for SaaS Labs.

“We found the sales training approach in companies today remains archaic and an old school style classroom playbook approach. This method isn’t fit for purpose in 2022 and no one is really spotlighting this or innovating in the space other than moving from text learning to video-based learning” commented Gaurav Sharma, CEO of SaaS Labs. 

“We’ve taken it upon ourselves to address the issue and create Dialworks to offer a relevant alternative to teams around the world to harness their sales talent. Using insights from our over 6,000 customers who use our customer support product JustCall, we identified that sales training was a huge issue in addressing customer needs. We analyzed thousands of calls, call analytics and rep performance and found that the only way to improve selling was to create training tools that ramped up learning by mimicking an actual workflow as closely as possible. Dialworks emerged from this insight with a clear aim of creating a sales coaching program that actually works and delivers for teams.”

Dialworks is an on-demand sales training platform that replicates real-life scenarios for sales reps to train and upskill. With Dialworks, reps can connect with customers just like theirs, deliver pitches and get actionable feedback to improve. From objection handling and analytics to tailoring training regimens, the platform is aimed to help sales coaches do it all including:

  • Eliminate hundreds of manager man hours wasted in mock calls
  • Mimic real call scenarios replicating the job environment
  • Monitor performance and get customer feedback at scale on pitching skills
  • Generate tailored insights to help design better training programs
  • Share feedback at scale and eliminate biases in hiring

Tim Bauer, Senior Vice President at Allied Restoration Services added: “I absolutely loved the first release and can’t wait to try out the successive releases. Dialworks gives an exposure to how things are like in the field and helps trainees feel and be productive and proficient in a much shorter training cycle. It saves thousands of hours for my top sellers which would otherwise be spent in helping new reps learn the ropes. The key thing it offers is the immediate feedback loop on their performance and helps them improve faster instead of wasting time on ineffective textbook techniques”.

For more information about what Dialworks can do for your business, visit https://dialworks.io. or

Click here to gain early access to our sales training platform.

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