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Six Apple devices that will transform your work from home productivity

by wrich

By: Michel van den Berg, General Manager EMEIA, Jamf 

The technology employees use whether working from home or from anywhere, plays an integral role in creating a positive experience.

Michel van den Berg, General Manager EMEIA, Jamf

For businesses, it enhances the attraction, engagement, and retention of talent, particularly if employees can choose their own devices. With its stylish, intuitive and user-friendly designs, it is no surprise Apple continues to be a firm consumer IT favourite for enterprises wanting to optimise productivity. Here’s a list of the top Apple products that can be used to ensure you stay productive, no matter where you’re working: 

  1. MacBook Air(from £999): With up to 18 hours of battery life and powered by the Apple M1 chip, the new MacBook Air is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a lightweight laptop with unrivalled sound and display quality. The MacBook Air is also pre-loaded with productivity-enhancing apps, like Keynote and Safari, and contains the latest Touch ID feature, which turns your fingerprint into a password for more secure and faster accessibility.
  1. iPhone 12(from £699): The new iPhone 12 offers 5G cellular for faster connectivity, less lag on voice or video calls, and increased download speed, making it the ideal mobile work device. With the iPhone 12 also being powered by Apple’s new A14 Bionic chip, it’s built to power almost anything that you may throw its way.
  1. iPad Pro(from £749): The iPad Pro is a slim and portable alternative to the laptop for hybrid workers on the move. With a Liquid Retina XDR display, the iPad Pro is ideal for drawing, design, and delivering presentations. Perfect for notetaking, accessories like the Apple Pencil and keyboard make working while on the move simple and easy.
  1. iMac(from £1249): The new iMac, powered by the M1 chip, is fast, thin, and compact, making it the easiest desktop to store in any home or office. Offered in seven different colours, you can make your iMac more personalised than ever before. With studio-quality microphones and a six-speaker sound system built-in, the iMac eliminates the need for excess speakers that may clutter your desk and the desktop features a clever new cooling system that eliminates unwanted heat, keeping your workday distraction-free.
  1. AirPods(from £159): A real innovation treat for consumers, the Apple AirPods provide a high quality, long-lasting audio experience through a stable wireless connection. With a 24-hour battery life and up to 5 hours of listening time on a single charge, AirPods won’t die on you in the middle of an all-important call. Whether you are in a car, on a walk, at home, or at your desk, these earbuds can provide a hands-free experience with a long Bluetooth range.
  1. HomePodmini (from £99): The HomePod mini is the perfect size for a smart speaker – it can sit on your desk and still deliver room-filling sound. It knows how to adapt to its location, provides high-quality sound for music or calls, it can control your smart home and help with everyday tasks. A simple “Hey Siri” can activate its listening skills to make searching faster and easier. The HomePod can also connect to apps such as Apple Music so you can listen to your favourite music while working.

As more employees and enterprises look to integrate Apple devices into their companies, enterprise device management will be vital in managing large fleets of devices as well as helping to empower employees to remain productive, protected and self-sufficient. Through a niche Apple enterprise management platform, enterprises can configure, provision, deploy, protect and manage Macs, iPads and iPhones without ever having to touch the device, making it easier to download approved apps, change passwords, and access the right files and data from anywhere to increase productivity.

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