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Top tips for keeping up business momentum during a global pandemic

by Jackson B

By Mark Wilkinson, The Health and Happiness Coach.

 2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year for many businesses worldwide, but that doesn’t mean we all have to hit the brakes on our business plans. If anything, we should be doing the opposite. It doesn’t have to be all negative, as in the midst of a crisis there is always an opportunity for growth. We may have to look a little deeper for it, but in the dark of a global pandemic there are many ways in which individuals and businesses can get ahead and turn a negative into a positive.

 If businesses want to make the most of this unique time, then they should be speeding up, gearing up for the new year and keeping their staff as energised as possible. Mark Wilkinson, The Health and Happiness Coach, shares his top tips for businesses to keep up momentum during this global pandemic.

Continue to promote, even if you can’t deliver immediately

Whatever market you are in, it is important that you keep your foot on the gas when it comes to advertising and promoting yourself. It may be that given the current circumstances, you are unable to deliver immediately, however that’s ok. It is so important for your brand to remain front and centre of your customers’ minds, ready for when you can deliver again.

Use your time wisely, think up new ideas, new sales strategies, ramp up your marketing, jump head first into PR and engage with your network on social media. Whatever you do, keep moving forward – and don’t stop!. When the time is right for your customer, you will be the first one they think of.

Stay energised and engaged

The current situation can sap the energy of some, however as a business leader it is your responsibility to keep yourself and your staff full of energy. Your staff are your biggest asset and if you can all come together during difficult times it will only make you stronger as a team and foster loyalty, motivation and positive energy throughout your working relationships.

A complete change of situation, work from home, furlough, pay cuts and in some cases, redundancies means staff morale could be in jeopardy. So, whether it’s through zoom quizzes, personalised treats to their door, or a simple weekly phone call to check on how they are doing; make sure you keep in touch, keep energised and keep them in the loop. If you can keep a high energy up during a crisis, you will reap the rewards when we are all released back into normality.

Take leadership – delegate and relieve pressure

It’s safe to say, sharing the load is one of the biggest things that leaders struggle to get their head around. You don’t have to be good at everything and to be honest, you don’t want or need to be. Make sure you spend your time doing what you are really good at and delegate or outsource other jobs to experts.

This pandemic is an opportunity for many of us to take a step back, calm down from the haste of day to day life and reassess where we are going, what we would like to be doing and how to go about changing things to improve our circumstances. Take a good look at your role within the business. Leaders can often fall into a trap of taking on too much.

Are you doing too much? Are you effective in all aspects of your role? Could you outsource aspects of your role? It is time to think differently about how you manage your own workload and as soon as you relinquish some of that control, you will be able to truly drive the business forward. Remember why you have your team, you can’t succeed in your role if you don’t allow others to do theirs.

It’s time to rock and roll!

By following these three simple steps you can turn what for some has been a crisis, into a fulfilling business opportunity.

As we welcome in the New Year, expect an evolution of change across various industries. Be prepared, be positive and look forward to a successful future. Use this time well and educate yourself so that the next time the fear takes over and the world plunges us back into another crisis, you will be prepared for it. Those that choose to take advantage of the opportunities that have presented themselves this year, will be at the forefront of the market, driving forward with continued momentum.

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